Life Events

Buying a house. Getting married & Lifetime Commitments. Starting a family. Starting a business.

These are major life events with one thing in common – others will be depending on you financially and may be dramatically impacted if you are unable to provide for them.

In the event of your death or serious illness, your partner, children or other dependants should not have to endure financial hardship at an already  traumatic time. To protect the people closest to you, it is vital to have adequate insurance in place.

Selecting the right amount, type and quality of cover that fits your budget is very important. It is easy to be swayed by comparison sites into thinking that price is everything. The reality is that the cheapest products often don’t cover you as well as you might think. At Real Life Advice we believe that your insurance should be there for you when you need it and that is why we only recommend high quality products from a carefully selected panel of major insurers. There is no fee for our expert advice, we are paid by the product providers for the work we do.

Our aim is to help you understand how to protect you and the people in your life who you care about the most. We will also make sure that your insurance is placed in Trust, ensuring that money goes to your loved ones without any legal delays and free of any potential Inheritance Tax.  Call us today and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that you and your dependants are properly protected.

The Financial Conduct Authority do not regulate trusts and inheritance tax planning.

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Life Events | Getting Married and Lifetime Partnerships

Making a commitment for life involves making joint financial decisions and commitments.

If the worst were to happen, having a proper protection plan in place would ensure that you and your partner would still be able to pay the bills and maintain a decent standard of living.

At Real Life Advice we aim to make sure that you get the appropriate financial protection; the right amount of money into the right hands at the right time to help you overcome the financial implications of the illness or loss of a loved one.
We can’t help you compensate for the loss of a loved one but we can help you protect the other things that you hold dear.

How to protect your spouse

Life Events | Buying a Home

Buying a home usually means a mortgage and other monthly commitments.

If you have a partner and/or kids, they could lose their home if the mortgage payments are not met.

Arranging a proper protection plan alongside your mortgage means greater peace of mind for you and your family meaning your home is safe and your lifestyle is protected from illness or loss of a partner.

How to protect the family home

Life Events | Starting a Family

Starting a family increases the need for adequate financial protection.

How long would you or your partner be able to cover all your and your kid’s living expenses each month if either of you were unable to work or simply not there? How would you or your remaining partner provide financially as well as being there for and looking after the kids?

What impact would an illness or loss of a parent have on the future educational plans you have for your kids?

A proper protection plan, set up the right way and designed to fit your budget would mean the family doesn’t have to face the risk of moving, losing their home, and all the associated upheaval such as moving schools and losing friends.

How to protect their future

Life Events | Starting a Business

The first months and years of starting a business are often challenging and rewarding in equal parts.

But what would happen if you or one of your business partners were no longer around to share the burden?

What would the business need to continue to grow and to return the investment of time, effort and finances to that business partner’s family and loved ones?

How to protect your legacy

Are you fit and well?

Then NOW is the best time to protect yourself. The sooner that you take out life assurance, Critical Illness or income protection the cheaper the premiums will be.

Worried about your medical history?

All the more reason to speak to us. We are able to make enquiries direct to underwriters for you prior to submitting any applications. Insurance companies often have differing views on medical conditions, we will be able to give you feedback ahead of time so that we can select an insurer that would be most likely to accept you on the best terms.

Insurance policies are probably amongst the most complicated financial products you will ever buy; not all products available are the same, the things they cover and their costs vary greatly. We do not believe it is possible for online calculators or ‘supermarket’ sites to provide you with the most appropriate package of cover to meet your needs – it’s just too complicated for a tick box questionnaire.

That is why we only ever recommend solutions to our customers based on their specific circumstances and requirements – so you get the best possible advice and we can ensure that your needs are met.

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Getting Married

Marriage can mean additional financial commitments. Speak to us to find out how you can protect you and your spouse from financial hardship if you were to become ill or pass away.

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Buying a Home

Taking out a mortgage is a long term financial commitment.. You can ensure that these payments, and other related costs are taken care of in the event of your or your partner’s death and/or serious illness.

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Starting a family

According to this report by CPAG the cost of raising a child to age 18 is £185,000 for a lone parent and £115,000 for a couple. Would you or your partner be able to cover the cost of raising your kids if an income was lost due to premature death or long term illness?

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Starting a business

What would it mean to your business and your family if you or one of your business partners were no longer there to contribute to the business?  How would your family access the financial value of your hard work and how would the business financially recover from the loss of a key business leader? How do you feel about your business partner’s family inheriting shares in your business?

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